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SleepDreamz® Foam Ear Plugs for Sleeping – x10 Pairs of Noise Cancelling Ear Plugs – Stop Snoring & Other Loud Noises from disrupting Your Sleep, with These Earplugs for Sleep

SleepDreamz® Foam Ear Plugs for Sleeping – x10 Pairs of Noise Cancelling Ear Plugs – Stop Snoring & Other Loud Noises from disrupting Your Sleep, with These Earplugs for Sleep


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Product Description

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SleepDreamz Soft Ear Plugs For Sleeping

Are you constantly waking up at night? If you’ve ever experienced a broken sleep, you will know it can really affect your entire day. You’d be surprised at the number of people who suffer with interrupted sleep night after night, but just continue to tolerate it. Why?

Have you had enough & just want a sleep aid to help you sleep normally again? Then look no further. We provide the best ear plugs for sleeping, that gives you back your precious sleep, by doing exactly what you want… blocking out those unwanted noises.

Unsure about who offers the best earplugs for sleeping? Choose ours, you won’t regret it. Once you use our noise cancelling ear plugs & start reaping the benefits, you’ll never look back. If for some reason you don’t get on with our foam ear plugs, then no worries, you can simply get in touch with us so we can put things right. It’s a no-lose situation for you.

Concerned about the size & fitting process of the sleep earplugs? Don’t be! With our tried & tested simple to follow instructions, you’ll have all you need to get the perfect fit.

You may be thinking; how good can these ear plugs actually be? We may be an affordable option for reusable foam earplugs, but don’t let that fool you. Our sleeping ear plugs have been through strenuous testing to ensure they are of a high standard. We’ve not compromised on quality in order to provide value, we offer both!

SleepDreamz… We’re customers too! Our brand was born out of the frustrations we’ve faced as consumers. We too experienced poor product quality & a lack of customer care. With this in mind, we’ve made it our company mission to give you the best experience, alongside the highest standard of product.

So, trust in SleepDreamz.Block out the unwanted noise & start enjoying your sleep.

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Woman kept awake by snoring partnerWoman kept awake by snoring partner

Snoring & Unwanted Noise – So Irritating!

Are you being kept awake at night by someone else’s snoring, or maybe other irritating noises like nearby traffic or a neighbour’s dog barking?

Getting the right amount of sleep, but even more importantly a solid and unbroken sleep, is vital to setting you up right for the following day. Quality uninterrupted sleep keeps you feeling physically and mentally healthy, so it’s important to address any issues that might be putting this at risk.

However, it’s extremely common for people to just put up with these unwanted noises and suffer from poor sleep as result. But why people would want to wake up morning after morning feeling tired, grouchy and sluggish is crazy, especially when there’s solutions out there to help, like ear plugs!

If you can relate, then whatever you do, we strongly recommend you address this issue and seek out a sleeping aid, especially some ear plugs, because they really do work to reduce background noise and help you get a better night’s sleep!

Man and woman sleeping peacefully using ear plugsMan and woman sleeping peacefully using ear plugs

SleepDreamz Foam Ear Plugs – The Answer?

As mentioned, snoring and other irritating noises that keep you awake at night, is not something that should be ignored.

But luckily SleepDreamz empathise with sufferers, because we realise that it’s not easy to find a durable ear plug that blocks out these sounds, whilst also remaining comfortably and securely in place throughout the night. We also realise that there’s a lot of poor quality ear plugs out there that only last a few nights at best, meaning it can be quite expensive to keep buying more.

That’s why SleepDreamz have created a high quality foam ear plugs pack that offers reusable, long lasting and mouldable ear plugs, that help to block out the irritating noises that keep you awake at night, whilst doing so at an extremely reasonable rate.

Try out SleepDreamz Silicone Ear Plugs and start waking up feeling fresher.

Close up of ear plugs in useClose up of ear plugs in use

SleepDreamz Foam Ear Plugs – FAQ’s

Can I still hear my wake-up alarm & smoke alarm? – YES! The ear plugs are designed so that the pitch produced by alarms can be heard. We do recommend setting more than one alarm though, just in case you’re in a really deep sleep.Are they just for sleeping? – NO! The ear plugs are multifunctional & work well as ear plugs for studying, travelling etc too.Are they sticky? – NO! They are made from high quality foam & have a soft smooth texture.Can they be washed? – YES! They are suitable for washing. Please follow instructions for guidance.Are they suitable & comfortable for side sleeping? – YES! The ear plugs expand & mould to create to create a snug fit. This means the ear plugs stay in place throughout the night & also provide great comfort as they sit flush to the ear.Are their instructions? – YES! Instructions are included. Please read & follow them thoroughly for best results.

Close up image of ear plugs, travel case and boxClose up image of ear plugs, travel case and box

Trust in SleepDreamz – Enjoy Sweet Dreams

SleepDreamz are proud to be a market leader across Europe, with a reputation for great value & reliable “problem solving” products within the Health and Personal care market.

Our dedicated team are constantly looking for and designing new, innovative and specialist products, with the sole goal to primarily provide products that help our customers get a better night’s sleep.

With this ethos at the core, SleepDreamz products are always put through strategic design & strenuous testing before they are put to market. So, you can be sure that with SleepDreamz, the sleep specialists, you’re provided with the latest top of the range products to help you get a better night’s sleep.

Hopefully it’s clear that SleepDreamz are here for you and all we want is for our customers to be happy. Therefore, if you have any issues or questions regarding our product/s, we’ll be sure to respond and do all we can to put things right.

Trust in SleepDreamz – enjoy sweet dreams.

✅ WE LOVE SLEEP! – Sleep is so important and should be enjoyed. That’s why we used our own experiences of dealing with sleeping issues, to inspire us to create SleepDreamz products that help other fellow sufferers. Thankfully, you light sleepers don’t have to struggle any longer, because SleepDreamz sleeping ear plugs have been specifically designed to help block out that unwanted noise (e.g. snoring), so you can sleep well & wake up feeling fresh again.
✅ NO NEED TO WORRY! – Are you anxious about fitting your foam ear plugs yourself? Don’t fear, we’ve ensured that our instructions are so simple and easy to follow, that you can get the custom mould on your ear plug just right. We’ve even included a bonus care guide on how to get the best use out of your SleepDreamz ear plugs and how to best maintain them.
✅ WHY SLEEPDREAMZ? – Top quality noise cancelling ear plugs for sleeping are great at blocking out disruptive noises, that keep people up at night. Thanks to SleepDreamz, cheap ear plugs that just don’t last, are no longer the only option! We offer very affordable earplugs for sleep, that provide high quality performance over a long period of time. But don’t just take our word for it, check out the many happy stories of our customers & how the SleepDreamz earplug has changed their lives.
✅ WIN, WIN! – At SleepDreamz, we’ve used our own bad customer experiences to fuel our customer centric approach. We want to build that relationship with you & be that approachable brand that you can come to. If you have a question, ask us. If you’re happy with us, we’d love to hear it. But most importantly for you, if you’re not happy then please just get in touch… because trust us, we’ll do what it takes to make you happy! So what are you waiting for, buy now, you’ve got nothing to lose!

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